[The Arms of Mons Draconis] The Canton of
Mons Draconis
[The Arms of Mons Draconis]
The Canton of Mons Draconis is the greater Riverside area of Southern California
and is one of the local branches of the Kingdom of Caid, in the Society for Creative Anachronism,

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Mons Draconis & Kingdom Calendar

Arrow beside Agenda will change display to show only Canton or Kingdom. Keep in Agenda view to display complete details of events, otherwise the Monthly or Weekly view will cut short all of the event information. Contact the Mons Draconis Webwright to add birthdays, business meetings, A&S classes and workshops etc!

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Mons Draconis Anniversary to be held April 26, 2014 in conjunction with Steinsee Skirmish and Dreiburgen Spring Tourney. Event Details can be found in Crown Prints or the Online Calendar once they have become finalized. 

Crown Prints, the Official Newsletter for the Kingdom of Caid! (lists all upcoming Events and Contact information for local groups, guilds and Kingdom Regnum)

All Kingdom Newsletters are available to all current Sustaining and International members for your review. If you are new to the enewsletter site, please go to http://enewsletter.sca.org/  to access. Your Membership Number is your User ID and the beginning password is the word start. We would advise you to change your password to one of your choosing upon entry.
If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact Member Services (http://www.sca.org/).

Council meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 3:00-4:00 pm after the Mons Draconis Project Day (see info below), at the clubhouse at King Arthur's Mobile Home Park, located at 1560 Massachusetts Ave., Riverside, CA 92507. 
Exception: July and September the Canton is usually on hiatus but we do schedule Activities during those months. Please check this website or our EMail Group (link goes to Caid Website) for more information.


Arts and sciences:

  • A&S workshops: Please contact the Canton's A&S Officer for further information:
  • Mons Draconis Project Day (formerly known as the Sewing Circle aka Garb & Gab): 3rd Sunday of the Month 10am-3pm, at the clubhouse at King Arthur's Mobile Home Park, located at 1560 Massachusetts Ave., Riverside, CA 92507. There is limited parking available in front of the clubhouse, but additional visitor's parking is available in close proximity. There is a kitchen available to store your lunch, and restaurants nearby. Snacks for sharing are always welcome! 
    Our Council meeting will be held at the same location from 3:00 - 4:00 PM, please join our EMail Group  for updates and changes to our Project Day.  
    If you plan to attend please contact our A&S Officer to make sure Project Day hasn't been cancelled or moved and For more information please Contact: Lady Elyn de Haoucmore at 
  • Equestrian: See the kingdom equestrian web site for details.
  • Culinary Guild of Dreiburgen: Please join the YahooGroup for more details. Meets every 3rd Tuesday 7:30pm-9:30pm.
  • Dreiburgen Branch of the Right Noble Brewer's Guild of Caid: Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month  starting at 7 PM. Please join the YahooGroup for more information.
Local fighter practices:
  • Mons Draconis Fighter Practice Every Wednesday, 7:30pm, Andulka Park, 5201 Chicago Ave., Riverside, CA. at the intersection with Central where it comes down from Canyon Crest. If you plan to come please contact our Marshal, Lord Bartholomew Gwalltrudd O'Cullaighne, to make sure Fighter Practice hasn't been cancelled! 

    We will be fighting between the baseball fields and the Tennis courts, near the parking lot. It's about the middle of the park. 

    From the 91 East (Corona) get off on Arlington, turn right, and Arlington will become Chicago in a couple of miles. The park will be on the left as you come down into a large valley.

    From the 215 South (San Bernardino) one can take Columbia, go left over the freeway to Chicago, turn left and go a couple of miles. The Park is on the right. Or transition to the 91 West, exit on 14th St. and turn left (South-West); go to Chicago and turn right. the park will be on the right. 

    From the 60 West (Moreno Valley) exit on Martin Luther King, and turn left. Go to Chicago and turn left, the park will be on the right. 
  • Dreiburgen Baronial: Please refer to the Baronial schedule on the Barony of Dreiburgen website (this link will take you to another website). Non-fighters are welcome for socializing. 
Plague Rat Poems: Past Events and News:
  • 2011 Mons Draconis held an ongoing Raffle for the Atar Blade, which was won by Lady Jane de Sealynn
  • Mini-collegiums: The canton has hosted mini Collegiums on Estrella weekends of 2001 and 2002.
  • Video of the final round from Mons Draconis Anniversary, 29 April 2006 (WMV file, 320x240, 9MB)
  • Mons Draconis Anniversary, 30 April 2005, "Ode to a Plague Rat" winner.
  • Mons Draconis Anniversary, May 2000.
  • "Thank-You" letter from Their Majesties for our donation to the replacement of the Royal Pavilion (Fall '99).
  • Spring Thing '99 (a.k.a. Mons Draconis Anniversary) -- Photos and the results of the annual "Ode to a Plague Rat" competition.


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